I just got my driver’s license and pretty curious about road regulations here in Los Angeles, California. What are the usual procedures if you get pulled over for drunk driving?


Los Angeles, CA

It’s great to know that there are people who want to learn more about the consequences of driving under the influence. This is really helpful in educating young drivers especially in Los Angeles, California about driving responsibilities. In cases where one gets arrested for drunk driving, the person may be taken into police custody. The person will then undergo a process we call “booking”. During this process, the police officer usually takes the person’s personal information as well as search for criminal records if there’s any. The alleged crime information will then be recorded and personal properties may be confiscated such as keys and purse, in which should be returned upon the person’s release.

After this, the person may be placed in jail not unless a bail is already decided and paid. The bail amount may be predetermined, through predefined “bail schedule,” or the judge may set a monetary figure based on the gathered criminal records of the suspect. If granted by the court, the person may seek “own recognizance” release, where bail money is not needed. The suspect is then merely released after promising, in writing, to appear in court for all upcoming proceedings. Then, that will be the time that the person seeks legal assistance and hires a DUI lawyer to appear and defend him on court proceedings.

A DUI arrest and conviction is not a minor offense. This may actually lead to negative impacts on auto insurance that you may have. I also suggest that you can check on line websites to check for available post DUI insurance. You can check out premium rates as well as free quotations on this site.