My mom got arrested for drunk driving in Los Angeles, California and we are being asked for a large amount to pay for bail. We cannot afford such amount for her release, are there any other options?


Los Angeles, CA

There several options should an arrested person for DUI cannot afford to pay the bail for temporary release. One option is what they call a “Bond”. This is implied as a substitute of full amount payment. It is a written agreement that the entire bail amount will be paid if the arrested person fails to appear on court proceedings. You may consult a Bond Agency in Los Angeles, California, but some bond agencies may require collateral before posting the bond because they will be responsible in paying the entire amount if the arrested person jumps out of bail or fails to appear as agreed.

Another option is “Own Recognizance Release”. This may be granted by the court and no bond is needed. The arrested person may be released after signing an agreement promising appearance in court for upcoming proceedings. The court may impose certain conditions and considerations when granting own recognizance release such as the person’s DUI record and/or criminal history, gravity of the DUI offense and ties of the arrested person to family, community and employment. Failure to appear in court after own recognizance release on the other hand may lead to an immediate arrest thus revoking any chances for bail. Getting arrested for DUI is a serious matter as the local government of Los Angeles, California imposes stricter DUI laws. I also suggest that you seek for an attorney knowledgeable in DUI cases to defend your mom. Once everything gets better, I suggest you also try to check out appropriate auto insurance after DUI.

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